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This category includes many items that would be too numerous to have a category of their own, such as, cello bows, viola bows, ukeleles, clarinets, saxophones, pick up systems, etc., and any other items of interest like my 1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Bubbler, a completely original ‘Holy Grail’ of all jukeboxes in 100% working order, complete with a good selection of 78 rpm records.
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1950's style Telecaster one piece maple guitar neck
Fender USA 1950's retro surf board guitar display stand, MINT
£1250.00 £795.00
NEW Flight NUS350DC Dream catcher Soprano Ukelele, sapele, carry bag
£76.95 £49.95
Elvis Soprano Ukelele, de luxe model, Koa B/S, carry bag
New Soprano Ukelele unbranded ,mahogany, sapele, great opportunity fo
New Concert Ukelele, mahogany, sapele back and sides, professionally
£69.95 £49.95
New Radiotone Soprano Ukelele, Sapele back/sides, rosewood f/b, easy a
£69.99 £49.95