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Niche Guitars by TERRY PACK

Niche guitars established by Terry Pack supplies high quality and sometimes unusual and /or rare guitars. 

Good Quality Acoustic Electric Guitars are hard to find in this day and age with so many imitations and cheap substitutes online. Some would say they are like gold dust.

Here at Niche Guitars we have made what would seem like a hard task into a simple click of the button, and that is purchasing your ideal perfect sounding guitar, for a more than reasonable price.

With Jazz guitars and Bass guitars for sale on our website as well as many more vintage, and new or used items, we are sure you will find your ideal match.

All of our items are of great quality . We have been developing the electric guitar side of our site and in particular, we have an amazing  collection of PRS Electric guitars , used and new both, at great 'grab it now' prices. Our preloved range of guitars are in mint condition and are as good as new. The used guitars on the website have USED mentioned in the product description.

 We have a showroom at Woodside Blackpool, give us a call on 07970 111404 if you would like to visit us, you will be welcome!!!

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