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Check out our parts dep't., for your requirements. Please ask if you don't see what you are looking for.
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For sale,NOS maple Fender style Strat neck and fingerboard, Klusons
60's retro Radiotone Humbucker electric guitar pick up,neck 7.2K 3.8H
£49.95 £29.95
60's retro Radiotone Humbucker electric guitar pick up,bridge 16K hal
£49.95 £29.95
Full set of Radiotone Strat pickups, 60's style, introductory special
New Old stock 60's retro Tele neck, slab rosewood board, Klusons
Pair of Radiotone P90 soap bar 50's retro pick ups
2018 unused one piece maple Strat neck, cellulose finish, cross truss
Unused 1950's Fender style Strat neck, nearest spec to original
1950's style Telecaster one piece maple guitar neck
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